Tempus Film

Tod einer Kadettin

Poland, 2016

Feature Film / Drama, Germany, 2017
Production: UFA FICTION
Production service In Poland: Tempus Film


Director: Raymond Ley
Director of Photography:  Dominik Berg
Production Designer:  Harald Turzer
Costumes: Elisabeth Kesten
Producer: Marc Lepetit  
Executive Producers Poland: Jacek Gaczkowski, Piotr Strzelecki


Lilly Borchert: Maria Dragus
Harald Borchert: Robert Gonera
Klara Hansen: Lisa Hrdina
Kapitan Krug: Harald Schrott
Ausbilder Franzen: Alexander Grunberg
Hartmut Kerber: Mirosław Baka
Achim Wiedemann: Peter Cieslinski


One September night, a young female cadet falls overboard a training sailing ship of the Navy. How could that have happened? The starting point of "Tod einer Kadettin" script was a real accident that took place on the night of the 3rd September 2008 when an 18-year-old girl travelling on sailing ship Gorch Fock fell overboard in unexplained circumstances. The script, inspired by a popular science book "Unser Kind ist tot" ("Our Child Is Dead") by writer and journalist Dona Kujacinski, was written by Raymond and Hannah Ley.