Tempus Film

Our Story

Tempus Film Company was launched in 1997 by two best friends from National Film School in Łódź - Jacek Gaczkowski & Piotr Strzelecki. Love for filmmaking and long term friendship has built great basis for building one of the first service production companies in Poland. Their together film journey lasted almost 23 years & brought almost 40ty shooted films. On March 2020 Piotr Strzelecki, co-founder of Tempus Film, passed away. His story though hasn't ended as the new member onboard became his son Jacek Strzelecki who joined Jacek Gaczkowski in Tempus Film as a Production Manager. The story goes on...

We deal with tv and feature films production since 1997

Our main & most demanding production area is feature films, documentaries & TV series production. Our experience is based on the long-term cooperation with German TV stations like ZDF and ARTE as well as with German independent production companies as a service production company in Poland.

The production companies we have worked with:

Trebitsch Film Entertainment Gmbh (Berlin), Loopfilm Gmbh (Muenchen), Constantin Film (Muenchen), CineCentrum, Broadview Tv Gmbh (Koeln), Teamworx Television & Film Gmbh, Bittersuess Pictures Gmbh, Mona Film Production Gmbh (Vienna), Neue Deutsche Filmgeschaeft Unterforeing, Ufa Fiction Gmbh (Potsdam), Zdf (Mainz), Schramm Film (Berlin), Claussen & Woebke (Muenchen), W.O.A. Gmbh (Muenchen), MWM Pictures Gmbh (Berlin), Moviepool Gmbh (Muenchen), Nord Film Gmbh (Hannover), Filmgallerie 451 Gmbh (Berlin).

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