Tempus Film

Tempus film deals with tv and feature films production since 1997.

We have gathered experience in such fields as feature films, documentaries, advertisements and music videos production. Our main & most demanding production area is feature films & documentaries. Our experience is based on the long-term cooperation with german tv stations like zdf and arte as well as with german independent production companies as a service production company located in poland.

The production companies we have cooperated with so far:

Trebitsch Film Entertainment Gmbh (Berlin), Loopfilm Gmbh (Muenchen), Constantin Film (Muenchen), CineCentrum, Broadview Tv Gmbh (Koeln), Teamworx Television & Film Gmbh, Bittersuess Pictures Gmbh, Mona Film Production Gmbh (Vienna), Neue Deutsche Filmgeschaeft Unterforeing, Ufa Fiction Gmbh (Potsdam), Zdf (Mainz), Schramm Film (Berlin), Claussen & Woebke (Muenchen), W.O.A. Gmbh (Muenchen), MWM Pictures Gmbh (Berlin), Moviepool Gmbh (Muenchen), Nord Film Gmbh (Hannover), Real Film Gmbh, Filmgallerie 451 Gmbh (Berlin), Network Movie Gmbh & Co. Kg (Hamburg)

What we offer is a full production service including:
casting, location scouting, budgeting, set decoration, set service, postproduction.
We also conduct and work on projects based on coproduction cooperation.

Productions we were involved in were frequently awarded:

“DER GRENZER UND DAS MÄDCHEN” (THE BORDER GUARD AND THE GIRL) Directed by Hartmut Schoen, 2005 the European Civis Television Prize

"DIE HÖLLE VON VERDUN" Directed by Stefan Brauburger and Oliver Halmburger, 2007 Japan Prize

“DAS DRAMA VOM DRESDEN“ (THE DRAMA OF DRESDEN) Directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt, 2005 International Emmy Awards in Category ‘Documentary’, 2006 Shanghai International Tv Festival, Magnolia Award in Category ‘Best History & Biography Documentary’

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