Tempus Film


Poland, 2014

Feature TV Movie, Germany, 2015
Production: MWM Writing Pictures
Production service In Poland: Tempus Film


Director:  Udo Witte
Director of Photography:  Yvonne Tratz  & Hans Joachim Radermacher
Production Designer:  Eric Dillinger
Costumes: Barbara Ehret
Make-up:  Sabine Utke
Producer:  Viktor Witte    
Service Production Poland: Tempus Film


Jörg Schüttauf, Marie Gruber, Sönke Möhring, Karolina Lodyga, Piotr Witkowski, Ewa Ziętek, Włodzimierz Matuszak


Inge Kurbjuweit (54) nurse. Because of her accuracy and rigor she is feared by her nursing students and colleagues. The life of a single mother  fills the pride that her daughter Jule has managed to study medicine - at least officially. Inge's brother Klaus (53 ), just left his wife , worked as a taxi driver but lost his driving license and deals with alcoholic problem. The youngest , Uwe ( 44) takes the eccentric part in the sibling team: he is gay and makes money for a living working in the dog for a walk service.  In order to benefit from their inheritance after the death of his father  siblings must fulfill his last will and scatter the ashes of the deceased in his homeland. This mission becomes a turbulent trip that leads them not only to the painful past of their father, but makes the trio miraculously closer together again.