Tempus Film

MEIN LEBEN - MARCEL REICH-RANICKI (My life – Marcel Reich-Ranicki)

Biography, Drama, Germany, 2009

Production: Trebitsch Entertainment GMBH / Hamburg
Production service In Poland: Tempus Film


Director: Dror Zahavi
Cinematography: Gero Steffen
Production Designer: Albrecht Konrad
Producer: Katharina M. Trebitsch
Service Production Poland: Tempus Film


Matthias Schweighöfer, Katharina Schüttler, Maja Maranow, Joachim Król, Alexander Khuon, Friederike Becht


In 1929, the 9 year old Polish Jew Marcel Reich-Ranicki is sent by his artistic mother to Berlin to study. Marcel loves the German literature and music, but in October 1938 the Nazis deport him to Poland. After the German invasion of Poland, Marcel tries to survive in the ghetto of Warschau. In 1942 his parents and brother are deported and exterminated in Treblinka, but Marcel and his wife Tosia can hide with a friendly Polish couple till in 1944 the Russian army liberates them. A civil servant in postwar communist Poland, Marcel falls in disgrace in 1949. In 1958 he flees to Germany, where in Frankfurt he will become a distinguished literary critic for the FAZ.