Tempus Film

STAUFFENBERG - DIE WAHRE GESCHICHTE (Stauffenberg – the true story)

Documentary / Drama / War, Germany, 2009

Production: LOOPFILM GmbH
Production service In Poland: Tempus Film


Script & Director:Oliver Halmburger and Christian Frey
Cinematography: Paweł Figurski, Tobias Corts, Philip Vogt
Production Designer (PL):Marek Warszewski
Costumes (PL): Małgorzata Zacharska
Service Production Poland: Tempus Film


The unbelievable story of Claus von Stauffenberg - a German army officer and aristocrat who was one of the leading members of the failed 20 July plot of 1944 to assassinate Adolf Hitler and remove the Nazi Party from power. Along with Henning von Tresckow and Hans Oster, he was one of the central figures of the German Resistance movement within the Wehrmacht. For his involvement in the movement he was shot shortly after the failed attempt known as Operation Valkyrie.