Tempus Film

DAS DRAMA VON DRESDEN (The Drama of Dresden)


Documentary / TV Movie, Germany, 2005
Production: Broadview TV
Production service in Poland: Tempus Film


Director: Sebastian Dehnhardt  
Producer: Leopold Hoesch  
Cinematography: Pawel Figurski, Johannes Imdahl, André Wawro (interviews)
Production Designer: Marek Warszewski
Service Production Poland: Tempus Film


February 13th, 1945. Dresden, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, helplessly awaits its destruction. In one night and one day, Britain's Royal Air Force drops countless bombs upon the city, triggering a firestorm of unimaginable proportions and reducing the city to rubble. At least 25,000 people die. Among the survivors, some have come together to share their memories in this film.

Distinguished contemporary-history specialist Sebastian Dehnhardt (Stalingrad, The Longest Day) portrays the destruction of Dresden in the form of a "real-time" historical reportage. As the attacks of 13 and 14 February unfold chronologically before our eyes, they are counterpointed by the accounts of ten eyewitnesses – British pilots and Dresden residents, those who dropped the bombs and those who survived them.