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LAUF JUNGE LAUF (Run Boy Run) premiere in Poland

LAUF JUNGE LAUF (Run Boy Run) premiere in Poland:

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews staged the world premiere of the film “Run, Boy, Run” on Wednesday 8th January 2014. The film tells a story of eight-year-old Srulik Fridman from Błonie, near Warsaw, who manages to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto during its liquidation in 1942. For the next three years, hunted and persecuted, Srulik hides in woods and villages, where people both help and betray him. Srulik learns how to survive in the forest and survive outside of his home. As a young boy, who instinctively resists hunger and illnesses, he must gradually shed his Jewish identity.

The film premiere was attended by around five hundred people, including Yoram (Srulik) Fridman, who currently lives in Israel. The film will be screened in cinemas from January the 10th.