Tempus Film

'Kalte Wasser' - start of the shooting for UFA Fiction

Tempus Film is starting a new project - production service for UFA Fiction project "Kalte Wasser" directed by Grimme Award winner Raymond Ley with actress Maria Dragus in the lead role - portrays a tragic night on a school ship.

In a September night ship pf the Navy goes on a training, a young cadet goes overboard. How could this happen? This tells the TV movie Cold Water (AT) "Cold Water" (AT), the Grimme Award winner Raymond Ley is shooting from August 23 until September 15. Together with Hannah Ley he also wrote the screenplay. The film is based on true events and inspired by the fiction book „Unser Kind ist tot“ ("Our child is dead") written by the author and journalist Dona Kujacinski. Actress is the multi-award winning Maria Dragus, who has also been awarded for the German Film Prize for „Das weiße Band“ ("The White Ribbon").  Next to Maria Dragus in Cast: Lisa Hrdina, Harald Schrott and Miroslaw Baka (Hartmut Kerber), Robert Gonera (Harald Borchert), Alexander Grünberg (trainers Franzen), Peter Cieslinksi (Achim Wiedemann), Lola Klamroth (Anja Kroll), Thea Rasche (Nadja), Rana Farahani (Camille Laurent), Max Schimmelpfennig (Stefan Müller), David Hürten (Olaf), Malik Blumenthal (Micha Haverkamp) and other. On camera - Dominik Berg.

Producers on behalf of NDR and ARD Degeto are Nico Hofmann and Marc Lepetit. Shooting takes place around Gdynia (Gdansk Bay, Poland), also on the ship Dar Mlodziezy.